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Captain’s Brief 014 – 1/28/2017

Posted on Sat Jan 28th, 2017 @ 10:24pm by Captain Adren Bahrat Noth

To the Crew of the Equinox,

HEADER: Creating a Fleet Account!

I would like to advise all my players to register for a BFMS/Fleet account, set up your character(s) and link them to the simm by setting their status to "Active" and their assignment to the USS Equinox. I'd be happy to help you if wanted to hop over to Discord and troubleshoot with me.

The BFMS (Bravo Fleet Management System) is Bravo Fleet's next generation player platform. From here, you can manage characters that appear on your Fleet dossier, nominate players for awards, edit details and so much more. Heck just look at our fancy fancy ship page on the BFMS. As you can see some crew have already signed up and are located in our ship's roster:

This is just a great way to showcase your character and share it with the Fleet community. As we say at Bravo Fleet, "The story of the ship you’re on, and your character, can reach far beyond just the simm itself. Bravo Fleet’s canon is a collection of the stories told through its simms, and as such, in addition to joining the simm, you should also create an account on the Fleet site where you can maintain your character(s).

Link to get your own account:

Once you do this and receive your password via email, you can log in and add your character(s) from your simms by going to the Characters interface and filling them out. When you do this, you’ll want to set your character to Active, assign it to the simm you’re on, and then publish a draft for review by the game master. Once the game master approves it, they’ll be able to add the character to the simm’s manifest and then your character, along with their details, will show up on the simm’s listing on the Fleet site.

Your Fleet account is your tool to add to the story of the Fleet as a whole. With it, regardless of if your character serves on one simm or several, they have an everlasting presence in the Fleet, and your profile will always show where it is you’re currently writing with them.

Best Wishes,
USS Equinox Commanding Officer,
Fleet Captain Adren Bahrat Noth


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