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Captain’s Brief 015 – 1/28/2017

Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2017 @ 12:20am by Captain Adren Bahrat Noth

To the Crew of the Equinox,

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for taking this creative leap and joining the Equinox crew. You all collectively and individually make my role as GM worth it! You inspire me each time I login and experience firsthand your writing crafts. You all have helped elevate this writing platform - and have made it comparable to only a few. I thank you for sharing your creativity with me!

With the nature of this message, some of you have reached some impressive milestones:

Commander Caden Lister - An active crewmember for 10 Months+
Lieutenant Kyra Blythe - An active crewmember for 10 Months+
Crewman Recruit R'Vex Neral - An active crewmember for 10 Months+
Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Cherenzhenko - An active crewmember for 10 Months+
Lieutenant Jeremy Tao - An active crewmember for 7 Months+
Lieutenant JG Simon Crewe - An active crewmember for 6 Months+

Some of you have called the Equinox home for almost a year; while others have jumped over the half year mark; both simply remarkable. Your dedication is admirable and I feel that you should all be rewarded.

Upon finishing our 3 month deep space assignment in The Gradin Belt (after our current mission) Bahrat IC will award each of your characters with a medal; a medal known as "Battle of Starbase 900" for your dedication to his crew and your heroic contribution to The Battle of The Round Table. There will be an IC celebration. View details of the award here:

I welcome the reminder of the crew to thank you all for your service and congratulation you each on your milestone and pending IC reward. As for those of you approaching your 1 year milestone I have something a little extra planned! Stay tuned!

Thanks again,
USS Equinox Commanding Officer,
Fleet Captain Adren Bahrat Noth


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