Captain’s Brief 016 – 6/19/2017

Posted on Tue Jun 20th, 2017 @ 2:03am by Captain Adren Bahrat Noth

To the Crew of the Equinox,

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations all!
Just to recognize how awesome you each are, the Bravo Fleet Admiralty have given us TWO rewards in their Hall of Honor!

First, we have been awarded the Task Force Sim of the Month:
"USS Equinox - Where sims often pursue tactical or diplomatic missions, this one stands out based on its bend towards sociology and anthropology. It has written a rather interesting plotline this month."

Secondly, we have been awarded the Bravo Fleet Sim of the Month:
"USS Equinox - The Equinox has a rather interesting plotline running and with consideration of different mission types that sets this game out as a pioneer for recognition of these accomplishments. It is with great honor that we bestow the first fleet level SotM to the Equinox."

Way to go folks! You have earned it! Not just I recognize how awesome you each are!

See the official announcement here:

Well done and keep up the awesome work,
USS Equinox Commanding Officer,
Fleet Captain Adren Bahrat Noth



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