Lieutenant JG Shartaan Lonewolf

Name Shartaan Lonewolf

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Sun Aug 28th, 2016 @ 10:00pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species betazoid/human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 135
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Description
slightly pointed ears[common amongst her people]
a little cut under her chin .
waist long dark wavy hair usually tied back in single braid with a bright coloured feather marking her rank in her clan as a daughter of a clan leader,
with beading and small shells weaved into her braid marking her as the next clan leader as well marking what clan she is. [wolf-raven]


Spouse non
Children non
Father Bhahtaan Lonewolf
Mother Latriece Marlianasia
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Family
her biological family is unknown on her mother's side. her biological father[Chaantai] was a warrior in the clan, Elder Lonewolf's only son but he died before she was a year old..It was said her mother was from another world but did not know what world.. and no one really believed her biological father, who had insisted that one day this woman dropped off Shartaan claiming he was the father and she had no time for a child in her career..She has one Uncle and two aunts, with several cousins.

:UPDATE: in recent events, Shartaan found out who her mother was, a betazoid doctor who was on a missionary ships in her region .Latriece Marlianasia .

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charecteristics
awkward towards other people, being different in both her world and the technological world. in her world she was shunned and feared because of her abilities in science and technology, the south continant, had the only base on planet with modern technology on it. So she would sneak off to learn about piloting and sciences. in the techhnological, world she is called a barbarian because of her skills with hand to hand and old fashion weaponry and the way she was always dressed her first few years in the base, she excels in shuttle and small ship piloting all be it non of it was legal till she got in to star fleet.. her science is a natural part of her. she tends to giggle when she is nervous, she fumbles on wording as some of the 'english' words are confusing to her.. she has the nack to be' in stealth mode' a trait of any good hunter or scout in her clan,and something that scares the kaka out of those not use to her. Her aptitude for computers is uncanny as if she has a symbiotic relation with them..
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength weaknesses
hunting, old fashion weapons and weapon making[ie bow, spear, staff,sword] fluent in Japanese, vulcan, as taught to her by Lt Brady
and most recent a surprising skill with phaser and weapons command, computers [though she has not been found out yet...... she is a great hacker], piloting small crafts, one with nature and the land,

her weaknesses are around people, she gets nervous around them, not knowing how to act around people not of her clan or other clans of her world and her clan's former world of Darvon v.all be that she is very agile, she is also very clumsy when around certain people or around something different.
Ambitions Ambition
to be the best of her clan, to prove to her clan that modern technology does nto have to be scarey,or evil, and to prove to those not of her world that her people are not barbarians.she wants a career of exploration now that she knows there is more then her world and her people.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
exploring. learning,dance,art, recently sneaking out to do some piloting , on a simulator she is up to a defiant class pilot, but she has not yet hacked the code to learn anything bigger ..... yet.....[she once tried to hack into a simulation program that taught the bigger starship piloting.. was almost caught...she had to retreat fast from the simulation room].....she has a lagit licence for up to a shuttle type 3,up to a mustang class runabout and a valkryie fighter..

Personal History personal history
Though her clan was born on Darvon V, her clan and 3 other clans did not stay there... they had asked for a transport out of cardasian territory to federation territory. On their new home of Verago IV in a barely uncharted area of space the federation did not leave them with out contact as they built a base there on the southern most part of the planet..the south continant was forbidden amungst the clans, said to hold evil spirits.

Shartaan was one of the first born on the planet.. her biological father was very ill from a battle injury, he lost his battle with the wound and died when she was only 6 months old.. her grandfather doing the honourable thing of his people adopted her.. though her mother was a question mark ,... her father had claimed her mother was a foreigner to their world and people. but he did not know what planet she came from..
as her grandfather was a clan leader she was taught the ways of the clan elder, the ways of the leader , the shaman , the hunter and the healer. as she apparently inherited the gifts of the ancestors [empathy,seeing,animal empathy,hearing] she was the hope of the clan to be the one to bring the children back to the old ways..when she was growing up she was always learning with the warriors how to fight and hunt. she could best the best of them out of all the clans, making her a shoe in for elder of all the clans.

on one of the competitions in her early teens she was in a competition battle with one of the clan warriors from a neighbouring clan.. he did not like the fact she was getting the better of him so he pulled out his skinning knife and tried to win the fight that way, she was quick to dispatch the knife but not without getting herself injured under her chin, she received an inch cut, the warrior ended up being banished from the clan as he had fought unfairly, Shartaan asked for leniency on him, when asked why she only said that 'if we are to be hard on one person for losing their temper, then we have to be hard on everyone for losing their temper, teach him how to use his temper for the betterment of the clan instead of losing his temper for the wrongness on himself' the warrior was allowed back into the clan after a year. he has since been her guardian.her wisdom was shared with all the clans.

when she was 14 winter seasons[ 14 years ] on one of her scouting missions ,she stumbled across a wounded federation officer.. she was fascinated by his strange looks and his strange dress, when she tried to talk to him, the language was not like anything she heard.BUT she could ' hear ' in other ways . she did what she could to bound up his wounds and proceeded to take him to where 'his thoughts' told her to take him. she had never been to the southern continent so she was amazed to see that there was a world far different then her own. entering the strange village with its strange ground and its strange buildings she was stuck between fear and curiosity , but her wounded charge was more important then
any of the above as she searched out the building in his thoughts. it was seeing the big flying metal birds that humans can fly that first caught her attention while she was waiting to see if the young man would be all right. she had wondered to the landing pad close to the healing centre and watched as the people came and went , she observed them with the strange devices that opened and closed with strange patterns... she snuck up to the pad and proceeded to punch in the sequence she saw done. the door slid open.. and she sees the inside of a shuttle for the first time.. but it was not to be her last time !!! but what startled her most was the machine talked!

it was after that she would find ways to do her scouting more often, and since she was the best scout her clan had no problems with that.. she found herself more and more in that base observing more of the technology , seeing more the piloting, the officer she had saved was more then glad to show her around and take her under his wing.. seeing she had a talent for both sciences and piloting.. Lt Even Brady started to suggest to her abut joining starfleet. she did not know what to think at first...

another thing she discovered is the fact she could hack into anything [almost] without leaving traces behind , without anyone knowing.. just that one time she was almost caught.. but she was smarter after that.. technology came to her easily, and when her clan found out she was going to the forbidden city they started to fear her.. as she started to slip in reguards to her knowledge of technology.. she was upset when they insisted that that was the evil of the other realm and that it is not natural.. she tried to reason with them.. but instead of listening to her.. they feared her so badly they shunned her , she left.. " one day i will prove to you that we can live with technology and our ways side by side!" the only thing she took with her was her staff, drum and her father's blessing to go explore , he gave her the blessing in hopes that when she is done her exploring she will come to her senses and come back to the clan as a better leader..

she went back to Verago base. Lt Brady gave her a place to stay. she continued her studies both legal and illegal in sciences and piloting.. she had YET to handle a modern weapon at that time.. but the look on her face the first time..............was almost as priceless as the look when she first heard a 'machine' talk..

and in tow... her guardian... Jhafaa Bearclaw..

Service Record service record
2383-2385:basic shuttle operations
basic small craft operations
fighter class endorsment
2383-present: sciences botany [advanced herbalist][advanced apothecary]
chemistry [advanced alchemist]
computer sciences