Colonel James Racktor

Name James Michael Racktor

Rank Colonel


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 53

Physical Appearance

Height 5"10
Weight 162lbs
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description James keeps himself in top physical condition, muscular and well built. He keeps his hair in a standard military style, short back and sides. He has three scars on his face, where his face had been clawed by a large beast used by a pirate force. He keeps it as a badge of honor.


Spouse Lucy Racktor (53) - Housewife
Children Jackson Racktor (33) - Marine XO, USS Athens
Emily Racktor (29) - Chef, Racktor's House of Munch, Earth
Martin Racktor (27) - Marine Sharpshooter, Starbase 294
Amelia Racktor (10)
Oliver Racktor (7)
Mariah Racktor (3)
Father General Matthew Racktor, USS Ranger
Mother Admiral Maria Racktor, Starfleet Command
Brother(s) Edward Racktor (57), Captain, USS Justice
Jeff Racktor (43) - Marine CO, Camp Jackson
Sister(s) Miranda Greystone (48) - Head Chef, Racktor's House of Munch, Earth
Other Family Miranda's Family:
Alex Greystone - Brother in Law
Michael Greystone - Nephew
Mark Greystone - Nephew
Michelle Greystone - Niece

Edward's Family:
Laura Racktor - Sister in Law
Chris Racktor - Nephew
Robyn Racktor - Niece

Jeff's family:
Amanda Racktor - Sister in Law
Joseph Racktor - Nephew
Julia Racktor - Niece

Personality & Traits

General Overview James has two distinct modes - Duty and Off Duty. When on Duty, James is professional, and dedicated. He pushes his people to be better, because he believes that everyone is better than they think. In battle, he is a skilled tactician, but he is lacking in diplomacy. He will protect the innocent no matter what.

When it comes to off duty, James is a dedicated family man, and loves spending time with his wife and children. He spends his off duty time with his family, and works out as well. He also likes to socialise with crewmembers and people on whatever ship or base he is on. His feeling is that if you know someone, you learn to trust them, especially if they are working with them.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Tactical Analysis
+Hand to hand combat
+Bladed weapons

Ambitions He has everything he wants, a family, his job, his life. In battle, he just wants to get his people home.
Hobbies & Interests Playing the Violin
Classical Music
Tactical Planning Games
Orbital Skydiving

Personal History 2335:
James born to Matthew and Maria Racktor. Matthew, a Marine CO, dotes on his son as much as possible, but is absent due to his duties, so he is raised primarily by his mother.

Miranda Racktor, James' sister, Born. James takes the role of big brother very seriously

Jeff Racktor, James' brother is born.

James gets into a fight, and breaks the other kid's nose. He is expelled from School, and is sent to boarding school. He blames his father for not being there. He refuses to speak to his father again.

James enrols in Marine Boot Camp. In his first year, he meets Lucy Wilkinson, a Chef at a local restaurant, and the two of them begin a relationship.

Lucy and James get married at a private ceremony. Matthew is invited at Lucy's insistence, but rejects the invitation. The rest of his family do go to the wedding.

Jackson Racktor is born. James dotes on his son whilst also pushing himself at boot camp.

Aged 22, James is assigned to Starbase 19, under General William Anderson, in the squad known as The Roughnecks. He continues training, pushing himself to improve his skills

Emily Racktor, James' daughter, born. James takes a six month leave of absence to help raise her. At the end of his leave, he returns to duty.

Martin Racktor born. Again, James takes a six month leave of absence.

General Anderson's unit engages a pirate group trying to raid a number of historical sites for artifacts they can sell. They are tracked to an uninhabited planet, so Anderson's Roughnecks are sent in. During the battle, James is attacked by a beast, which leaves a scar on his face. Despite his wound, he keeps fighting, and at the end of the battle, he is promoted to 1st Lieutenant. He keeps the scar as a sign of honor.

James promoted to Captain in Anderson's Roughnecks, and is given command of his own sub unit, which comprised the best marksmen in the Roughnecks.

In the Roughnecks first battle of the Dominion War, General Anderson is killed by the Jem Hadar. In the heat of the battle, Major Greenback is also killed, so James takes command of the Roughnecks. Although they lose about 50% of their numbers, the Roughnecks are successful against a Jem Hadar force that almost doubled theirs. When they return to their base, James is given a battlefield promotion to Major, and is given command of the Roughnecks, now known as 'Racktor's Roughnecks'

James' son Jackson enlists in boot camp.

The Roughnecks are assigned under General Matthew Racktor's command. James leads his men into battle, and is able to destroy a Jem Hadar cloning facility. His father finally tells him he's proud of him, something James has wanted to hear for years. James and Matthew finally reconcile, and James introduces Matthew to his grandchildren.

Roughnecks engaged in battle with the Jem Hadar as the Dominion War ends. As the Jem Hadar find out, the Jem Hadar Alpha's decide to keep fighting. The Gamma's alert James to this, out of a sense of honor, and the Gamma's fight alongside the Roughnecks. They win, and the Gamma's are invited to join the Roughnecks. Whilst grateful, the Gamma's decline, but leave in peace.

Jackson Racktor complete's Boot Camp. James attends the ceremony, showing his son how proud he is.

Roughnecks assigned to take out a pirate facility, which is gathering a large force. Roughnecks succeed, although James is wounded. He is given the Purple Heart, and is promoted to Lt. Colonel. Amelia Racktor born. James takes a six month leave of absence as he did with his other children.

Martin Racktor enlists in the Marine Corps.

Oliver Racktor Born

Martin Racktor graduates from Boot Camp. James is there for the graduation and is allowed to give the guest speech at the ceremony.

The Roughnecks are given a mission by Starfleet intelligence, and are briefed personally by Captain Edward Bratar. The Roughnecks and another squad of marines were to go into the Syndicate, to a lightly armed base, and recover vital information which had the potential to bring out ten Syndicate operations. The Intel about the base being lightly armed turned out to be false, and fifty marines died. The Roughnecks survived, and got the data, but upon their return, James broke Bratar's nose, two ribs, and an arm. He then discovered that Bratar was a traitor working with the Syndicate, and they were never meant to survive. It is during this mission that James meets Adlyn Rowley, and works with her during the battle, forging a bond of family and friendship with her. For his actions, James is promoted to full Colonel.

Mariah Racktor born. James takes six months LOA again.

James and the Roughnecks are assigned to the USS Equinox. Lucy joins him, along with Amelia, Oliver and Mariah. However, the ship they are travelling on, the USS Aristotle, is declared lost when the gateway to the Delta Quadrant is destroyed.

USS Aristotle emerges from subspace, badly damaged. James helps the crew, and his family, evacuate over to the Equinox, where he takes up his role of Marine CO.
Service Record 2352 - 2357: Marine Boot Camp, Advanced Training and Specialist Training, Cadet.
2357 - 2363: Anderson's Roughnecks, Marine, 2nd Lt.
2363 - 2367: Anderson's Roughnecks, Marine, 1st Lieutenant
2367 - 2373: Anderson's Roughnecks, Unit Commander, Captain.
2373 - 2378: Racktor's Roughnecks, Commanding Officer (Roving Assignment. - Major)
2378 - 2383: Racktor's Roughnecks, Commanding Officer (Roving Assignment. - Lt. Colonel)
2383 - 2388: Racktor's Roughnecks, Commanding Officer (Roving Assignment. - Colonel)
2388 - Present: USS Equinox, Marine Commanding Officer (Colonel)