Lieutenant Kyra Blythe

Name Kyra Blythe

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ekahl
Age 134

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 160
Hair Color Brown with Reddish Highlights
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Even though Kyra has some weight to her, she is quite lithe for her physique. The extra weight is from implants scattered across her internal body, and a prosthetic left arm - a casualty of the war back on her homeworld. She's a bit taller than average.


Spouse Danikli (deceased at age 104)
Children Pxta (deceased at age 10)
Father Tutin (deceased 190)
Mother Arioa (deceased 253)
Brother(s) Kyahin (deceased 102)
Sister(s) Rai (deceased 94)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kyra is an Ekahl civillian who was at the wrong place definitely at the wrong time. She served in the Northern Province of Ekahl's military regiment for many years as an engineer developing new implants for her government. Being an officer in the military didn't serve her well when she was conscripted by the magistrates to become part of an infiltration and sabotage team. Her and her husband, along with a couple others made up a team that was to infiltrate and sabotage various systems.

Throughout the course of a couple of years, their numbers were slowly dwindling and all out civil war broke out across the Ekahl world. The early days of the war claimed her husband. Her parents were claimed at old age, her siblings were claimed when the bio-chemical weapons killed off the majority of the population, and her child was killed by one of the Jem'Hadar attacks.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Highly intuitive
Able to work under pressure

Reserved to the point of almost secretive
Not a great filter when it comes to saying things on her mind
Lack of fantastic social skills
Sometimes doesn't know her limits
Loses track of time easily
Ambitions Seeing her people established back to the way they were before the War happened.

Exploring space.

Meeting new cultures and people, even if she doesn't fully engage.
Hobbies & Interests She likes to tinker on small technological gadgets as she calls 'toys'. She loves to swim, even if she could sink if she didn't actively keep moving. Writing her people's back story for their younger generations is hobby that she and a few others have taken up to ensure that the younger generations and the generations to come learn from their mistakes. Loves obstacle courses and trying to do the impossible. Martial arts and hand to hand combat are some of her favorite forms of combat, even though she tries to be good with all weapons. Exploring new programs in the holodeck.

Personal History Kyra grew up on the Northern Continent of Ekahl. She always had a passion for technological advances, though she had been assigned to the military branch. She served for a couple of decades as a research engineer working on the design of some of the implants she even has herself. Here she was mated with Danikli. It was an arrangement, as all Ekahl familial units were. Over the course of the cycles, working hand in hand with him, they had found an appreciation for each other. Before the war broke out, she became pregnant. For the first couple of cycles, they were elated and enjoyed raising their daughter together. However, when the war broke out, they both feared what would happen if neither of them came home.

When they were conscripted to infiltrate the Southern Continent to determine what they had been doing, and sabotage it, Pxta was sent to Preliminary school, a cycle earlier than what normal children were. Through their missions, they had to distance themselves from their families and each other as being in the service together could wield dangerous consequences if they had ever been captured by the enemy.

The missions continued as such, sneaking around and blending into the environment and other culture. During one of the more head on attacks they took, Denikli, the others and herself were what they thought a safe house planning out their next step of the attack. However, it was far from safe, and they had been attacked by the other side. Most of the team ended up dead, including Denikli, and Kyra lost her left arm in a secondary explosion that blew her clear from the building.

It took her a couple of months to adjust to her new prosthetic arm in order to have better range of motion and understanding the new neural interface her arm brought to her body. Pxta was young at that time and never fully grasped that her father was going to ever come see her move on to Secondary Education. That was the time when the Ekahl offspring were no longer part of their rearing units, but a part of the community, training to work in whatever they had been adept in. With Pxta's help and patience, Kyra had been able to take the time she needed to heal with her child - something that the Ekahl were never really allowed to do. It was about their community and the progress they made in advancement. Personal feelings were left for the homestead and it was between mating partners, not children, and definitely not with her own rearing units. During this time, her father died due to old age.

As much as Kyra wanted to withdraw from the military efforts, they only gave her long enough to master her arm before she returned to the field. She had started working on Search and Rescue as some of their infiltration units had gone dark. It wasn't that the Ekahl were going to acknowledge their own spies and military, it was more to retrieve the lost data from their implants and destroy the bodies if they needed to in order to ensure the technology didn't fall into the wrong hands. In the beginning, it was hard for her to adjust knowing that Denilki wasn't there as her right hand. Instead she had this dead weight of an arm. Albeit it was wonderful having it in some of the tight situations, she knew that if she wasn't careful, it could jeopardize her ability to get the job done. Her mother shortly passed on following her father. All she wanted to do was return home to her daughter and enjoy the last few cycles she had left before she had to relinquish her child to the Ekahl now knowing and understanding what little time she was going to have with her child before she moved on.

Within a few cycles, just after Pxta was moving onto Secondary and had already moved from her home unit to the communal barracks, the war escalated beyond reproach. Chemical and nuclear warfare escalated against both sides. To this day, it seemed as if the entire system on both continents launched at the same time. Every silo was emptied and all the people of Ekahl could do was stand and watched as the bombs came raining down from the sky. Even those that ran for cover didn't necessarily make it. Those that had been protected from the fallout from the nuclear and other bombs got the pleasure of surviving those to only succumb to the chemical mixtures that actually did the majority of the damage to their people - less than ten thousandths of their population survived the war. Kyra and Pxta were 2 of the 14,987 survivors of 156,165,154 the original population.

The survivors from both sides called a truce as they cleaned up what was left of their people and made it for the evacuation ships - Ekahl now permanently uninhabitable. Five ships left Ekahl, only two made it to First Contact with the Federation. The three were lost to various encounters with the Jem'Hadar over the course of a couple of years. The hand to hand combat when the Jem'Hadar invaded their ships was impressive for the Ekahl - that's where they held their superiority over the mindless beasts. However, their ships were not equipped well to fight off the Jem'Hadar - thus why they had lost more times than not. After the first encounter, 3265 survived the Jem'Hadar attacks and only 168 of them had military training... With their tails tucked, licking their wounds, they tried to evade the Federation ship, not knowing how they were going to be perceived, considering their last First Encounter left them paralyzed in fear.

However, the Federation provided them the necessary aid and assistance and helped heal their dying, wounded, and helped shore their vessels. They offered the Ekahl sanctuary on the other side of a wormhole where the Dominion were not. Eager to avoid any further slaughter, they agreed and followed the Federation to the Alpha Quadrant.

Arriving into the Alpha Quadrant, only 29 military trained soldiers and 1857 civilians made it. Most of the Ekahl took refuge at a colony of their own on a small Planetoid in the Alpha Quadrant to keep their endangered selves out of the lime light. However, two decided to leave their people and join Starfleet. Their species and their history have been classified by Starfleet to help ensure they don't get more endangered than they already are.

Just shy of a decade, Kyra got restless hiding in their new hiding hole. Since their was nothing barring her leaving her people, she started to go out and meet other cultures and join technological conferences bringing home new innovation to help jump start their species again. The latest conference was held in the Delta Quadrant at Starbase 900. As much as she was leery to venture that far from her people, she went to try to gather information about the gateway that was going to take them their and back again safely and in one piece. They left their home over a decade before, but there was so much that was left behind that they could use on Ekahl, buried locked away hidden from the dangerous elements.

The Borg had another plan for how Kyra was to spend her time in the Delta Quadrant. After surviving the attack and saving as many people as she could from the falling apart Starbase, her efforts were rewarded and she was hand picked to be the Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Equinox when the pickings were slim. Even though she was a civilian, she accepted the role knowing that she could be more effective in the field then locked away on Diogara station. She was given the rights of the rank Lieutenant as a median between her equivalent rank of a Federation Captain and a civilian.

Federation Reports
Scouting Mission
From Dr. Anwar Wing, First Contact scouting mission, Stardate 41.0227 (2372)

The Ekahl have very advanced technology primarily associated with personal achievements in limiting the amount of extra equipment that they must carry out in the field. From the information that we were able to gather from transmissions, they have cerebral implants. These transmissions elude to the ability to communicate as if telepathically. All implants have an identification mechanism that would allow for the discovery of any officer trying to blend in.
Space travel is apparent among the Ekahl. Their space ships are capable of travelling at the Federation equivalent of Warp 3 as their cruising speed. We have been unable to see these ships in action due to a civil war that has apparently broken out on the planet surface.
Under normal circumstances, it would be recommended to make first contact with the Ekahl as their technology would benefit the Federation immensely. However, at this time, I am unable to recommend such contact with them due to the state of civil unrest.

Physical Evaluations
From Dr. Syvlia Tranner, 2375

All members of the Ekahl refuges were severely dehydrated and malnourished. All adult members have a communications implant in the frontal lobe. The military have more cerebral implants than the civilians did. The examination of the military members shows that the higher the military member, the more implants they have. These implants range from simple storage to more advanced wireless transmission. These implants seem to have bonded at the molecular level. Removing them is not an option for these people, even though some expressed to try to have the implants removed.
The Ekahl have human appearance. The males of their race have double the strength of humans while the females of their race have one and a half times the strength of humans and are surprising agile unlike the male. Their average life span seems to be similar to the Vulcans.
Height of the examined adult refuges shows that they have a height ranging from 1.22 m to 2.00 m. The gestation period lasts for a standard 12 months. They have a double helix DNA complex with 24 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes. It is currently theorized that these extra pair of autosomes are what allows for the implants to be joined so deeply. Eye colors usually range from different shades of grey to hazel especially after implantation. Their skin tones are fair and remain of the lighter olive tones. Their blood is based on cobalt and iron, predominately cobalt.
Cochlear implants: allow the Ekahl to hear from the ranges of 32-42000 Hz when the implant is on and within a certain distance of the individual. Their hearing range without the implant is only slightly larger than humans at 60-25000 Hz.
Ocular Implants: Allow the Ekahl to see within different light spectrums through the implanted eye. Their normal eye sight allows for sight between the ranges of those of humans at about 400 nm to 750 nm. However, it should be noted that they prefer darker environments. This may be due to their living conditions for the last couple of years. The ocular implant allows for sight to be seen in the Ultraviolet and the Infrared spectrums, allowing for similar to night vision and heat sensing. There is also a sensing device attached to some of these ocular implants that allows them to move with better ease through obstacles.
Service Record Federation:
2388 - Present: USS Equinox, Chief Engineering Officer
2388: Battle for Starbase 900

Civilian: Accomplishments: Published two journal articles on medical implant technology currently in use by the Federation and allied races.
2388: Battle for Starbase 900
2385-2388: Attended conferences

Declassified Ekahl Record:
2373-2375: Protector
2373-2373: Grave Digger
2370-2373: Search and Rescue
2362-2370: Infiltration Specialist
2280-2362: Engineer
2270-2280: Military Training
2254: Year of Birth