ancestors hear my call!

Posted on Sat May 21st, 2016 @ 4:34am by Lieutenant JG Shartaan Lonewolf
Edited on Sat May 21st, 2016 @ 4:51pm

Grandfather who became my father looked to me.. his eyes with mixed emotions..
I did not understand why .. I could not understand why , why my people did not like the technology. all i see is betterment.. new journies, were we not told from birth that exploration was good?
all my life i had been told to avoid the south continent as it was full of the evil that corrupts all. but when I found Even Brady that changed everything.. after having bringing him to his home.. my eyes where opened up to a new world..

how could my people not except these people? there was so many wonders so many things that could be there for our people! I had tried to convince my people that both worlds can live together. but they would not have it..

and now here I am.. on a shuttle heading for the stars.. I pray to the ancestors to protect me and keep me safe.. I pray to the ancestors to protect my people and to open their eyes ..

It was hard for me to leave Evan behind, we had become quite close , he was understanding of my people and excepting.Evan was the one who convinced me I would be good in star fleet. he had started to teach me the ways of the federation.. and the language since their universal translator seemed to not translate my people's language.. Evan says it is because it is such and old language from and older time that it has not been recognized for hundreds of years. odd. my people have always spoken it. so how could it be an ancient language? Evan was once the second in charge of the base , but because of me he got demoted down to Lt. and lost his XO position he now is 4th in command.. poor Evan.. He should of never covered for me when I 'borrowed' that fighter craft. but i had to see how it flew!

Then he covered for me when I snuck into the bio lab to check out the latest growing plants that had been brought there from another world.. well I had to make sure the plant would not endanger my world if the seeds escape!

I thought for sure that star fleet would ban me from the base after I was caught snooping through the computers, really! I did not break into them! they where already in that file! I sware it!' instead of busting me down they asked me questions I think I answered ok. as the words where confusion.. for some part. but from what I had read in the files they where looking to better coordinate operations in that sector and try to get star fleet to except that area as part of federation space.. at least that was what I was thinking they where saying.. I pretty much told them that ,
"it is hard to change the minds of those who are set in their ways, but if you work on ways to have cooperation in time you will have a people or a group come to you for your ideals and except what you have to offer..
forcing one to change and except , is not always the way, give them a reason to want to change and except, and they will come through."

It was after that though that poor Evan was demoted ...... and I was told I was to be shipped off planet..

And sitting here looking out into space.. I think maybe me people had it right.. this is evil!.. everything was all good on the simulators but to accually be here in space? wow! fear? excitement? anxious? to many emotions.

oh ancestors! hear my call! give me the courage to continue my journey!