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A matter of where to go.

Posted on Sat May 21st, 2016 @ 5:39pm by Lieutenant JG Shartaan Lonewolf

It had been several weeks on this long rang transportation shuttle, with 3 stops to ships to resupply and fuel up. then one final stop to a star base before I would be heading on to the USS Thunder Child.. I was anxious , I had finally gotten over my discomfort of actually being in space! I would start to explore around me.. all be it not much to explore, The people on here were the silent type,

There was a lady on board from a planet called Betazed she has the same mind speak ability as me! as well she can sense thoughts too! She started to teach me basic means to control my sensitivity , insisting I needed to practice and meditate daily till I can block out even the strongest of thoughts , even then I still must keep in practice . She said it takes one of her people years to manage their abilities, and they are taught since birth if they are sensed to even have a little talent. She had wondered why my people never taught me to control my ability.. I had to explain to her it was because I am the first one in hundreds of years to have the gifts of the ancestors..

The star base shows up, I wanted to so desperately be the one to dock the shuttle, as it would be my first live space docking! But I guess that would have to wait till I was on the Thunder Child . I watched as the Star Base got closer.... As we get closer I notice all sorts of ships as well as other crafts, the star base still getting bigger... I look to a ship that looked like a Sovereign class... THOSE are big ships! , the star base was still getting bigger, I look to the Sovereign ship as we pass it the USS Fire Brand was what it said, I look to the star base, where we not there yet?

20 minutes later we are docking I looked all around amazed at the size of the star base, it HAD to be bigger then my planet! I ready myself to take an hour nap, as that was how long it usually took to restock/refuel the shuttle, I still had no idea why they used shuttle instead of a ship to take me to the Thunder Child would not of that been faster and more economical? I close my eyes to rest when the PA system squawks on causing me to jump.

Announcer: Ensign Shartaan Lonewolf , Civilian Jhafaa Bearclaw ,grab your personal belongings and please report to the cockpit ASAP.

I look across to the seat before me, Jhafaa shrugs his shoulders. I was getting a wee bit scared, what if star fleet found out I did accentually break into their data base to find out what they where up to with my planet and the area? Jhafaa and I get up and head to the cockpit.

Reaching the doors of the cockpit they slide open, and the pilot hands me a data pad, while 2 others have mine and Jhafaa's gear , now I was really getting paranoid.

Shuttle Captain: Ensign Shartaan Lonewolf, you have been reassigned , your to transfer to the Runabout USS Clifton ASAP to be transferred to the USS Equinox with a new Designate of Chief Flight Control Officer with the new rank of Lt JG. congratulations , I am sure Evan will be very proud of you.
The shuttle captain smiles, He was Evan's friend since child hood I had learned after 12 hrs of being on this shuttle. I grab my gear I give him a courteous bow .
Shartaan: the honour is mine captain, howa'a for being a good host to me and Jhafaa.

I leave the shuttle not having any chance to say bye to those that Jhafaa and I did make friends with, well the Betazed I was able to mind speak to her, she wished me luck. We head to the Runabout Clifton, I look to the new assignment, Lt JG? the ancestors must be really looking out for me! being promoted while in transit? AND head of a department? I don't know how my people would take to that..

It was several weeks later that we finally rendezvous with the USS Equinox.


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