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The Caden Files 1.0

Posted on Tue Aug 23rd, 2016 @ 1:55am by Commander Caden Lister

Log 1.0

It has been a rough few weeks. First I was awaiting a new assignment on Starbase 900 when the Borg attacked and took out the Starbase and close to 80% of the personnel and starships. I thought I was dead when the Borg went after the base. We never thought that the Borg would dare to take on a Starbase as well as all of the ships in dock.

Boy were we wrong. They massacred multiple ships before they even could get their shields up and get away from the Starbase. We were damned lucky to have survived the battle. I thought things were looking up when I managed to get to the escape pod with a few of the people. I watched as the Helios drive section sacrificed itself in a heroic fashion to protect those that could escape. It is hard to know that a good crew made sure that their friends survived as well as the Admiral so that he could protect others.

When I finally made my way to what is now Helios Colony limping in on impulse engines that were close to the breaking point. Then the Admiral had me shipped off to Diogara Station where I was chosen to assist with the rebuilding of our forces. That didn't last very long as I was approached to become an XO on the USS Equinox.

I think that the choice of myself was more because of my background and the fact that I am a fighter through and through. There aren't many who would want to tangle with a large orion like me who likes to fight both with Knives, fist and phaser. I love to brawl and I think that makes me a good choice during the initial phases where a strong presence will be needed. I have studied. I was happy to know that I would be serving with another fine warrior who is also from a race that isn't known well in the Federation.

I think it gives us a great common bond where we will be able to grow and potentially destroy all the enemies of the Federation. I know that he has to be better at diplomacy than myself as I am more into action. Only time will tell what will happen aboard the USS Equinox.


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