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Posted on Tue Oct 18th, 2016 @ 6:54am by Lieutenant Jeremy Tao

This mission has been challenging from the start. First starbase 900 being destroyed and now what would have been a routine mission derailed by Vaadwaur attacks. Which were made worse by sabotage from within, the state of the art engine room on the Equinox ripped to shreds. The chief engineer who I barely have gotten to know was nearly killed when engineering was demolished around her. I'm not sure what our next mission will entail but I am looking forward to some shore leave. This mission has taken its toll on both the ship and the crew with a good portion still in sickbay recovering from injuries.
I have had to step up to fill in for the Chief as she recovers, repairs are ahead of schedule thanks to the Turei. There is still structural damage that will require a starfleet repair facility to address, for now with some jury rigging all primary systems are operational.

In the meantime I think I will head to sickbay to see how the Chief is doing.

End Log


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