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Nature at it's Finest

Posted on Sun Jul 30th, 2017 @ 4:39pm by Commander Caden Lister

Mission: CH 3: Visit To A Small Planet

Caden had been given a couple of days to rest and recuperate from the trials that had happened since the Borg had decimated the Task Force. It was hard to think about the Borg without the cold rage seeped down to his very bones. He hated what they stood for and the attack on the base where he worked with his friends destroyed or scattered to different quadrants of the Delta Quadrant.

Then there was the mission to the Gradin Belt and most especially the Xenophobic race known as the Ghemawhat. That mission had been very painful as he had been injured slightly but he had survived that with only minimal wear and tears on his mental stability.

He had plans for his two days of leave. He had packed a tent and was planning on camping in the mountain ranges west of Helios Colony. He had a sword with him, a long knife, a brace of throwing knives,as well as phaser just in case he needed one. He preferred to work more closely with his hands using the Martial weapons of the ancient times then using phasers. I always assumed that I was unique in that because as a security officer at one point it wasn't the norm.

He had fire starters as well as a hatchet with some food he planned to cook over the open fire near the top of the mountain ranges. He had heard that this was one of the best planets in the quadrant if you wanted to hike or climb a mountain..His time with the Counselor had helped him and he was really hoping that he could succeed in this deep breathing.

He reached for his long bow that he had used for years and he was hoping the hunting was good. He strapped on his long knife and as always put the phaser on just in case. He was going to stow the phaser once he reached the area he was camping. It would be a great couple of days.
Caden reached the wilderness area that he had heard had wonderful hunting and trapping. He set up his tent with ease of long practice. Camping and hunting was his favourite past time. It was nice just to be out into the wilderness where he could just have some fun. He slowly removed the Long Bow that he had and grabbed the arrows.

He snuck around miles from his camp when he saw a small breed of animal that reminded him of a deer. He knew from his time researching he knew that the animal was edible and was supposed to be very flavourful. He pulled back the bowstring with ease and scented the air. He could smell the animal and quickly he let fly the steeltipped arrow. It flew with deadly accuracy piercing the skull and instantly killing the animal. Caden roared with pleasure.

He walked over to where the animal was laying and quickly took out his knife. He knew how to clean his kill and he quickly did it taking back steaks and fillets which he would cook.


Two hours later Caden sat in front of a roaring fire watching as the meat cooked on spits that he had made and relaxing allowing his mind to wander to where it should have been.

Sorry for the backpost all just finishing up the last parts that I had started a long time ago.


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