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AWAY TEAM: The Ultimate Discovery

Posted on Mon Jul 10th, 2017 @ 1:36am by Captain Adren Bahrat Noth & Lieutenant Commander Luke Lockwood Ph.D. & Lieutenant Kyra Blythe & Lieutenant Shantic Romaes

Mission: CH 3: Visit To A Small Planet
Location: Homestead, Alien Planet
Timeline: MD 1: 0345

Kyra and Shantic left the underground catacombs to go and fetch Lockwood to properly investigate it further. There were too many nooks and crannies for the two of them to fully investigate without sounding any alarms before getting to the bottom of the center chamber to see what was causing the visual disturbance that Kyra had seen above the surface on the outskirts of the convention. As they walked up, Lockwood stepped away from the Delta Flyer look-a-like. "Is it what it appears to be, or something else?" she asked.

Shantic brushed his uniform down and composed himself a little. This was a situation that threw him out of his comfort zone and had been one of the reasons he had become a Strategic Operations Officer originally. He preferred to be holed up in an office and analyzing intelligence reports, dealing with people on a limited basis if possible. Being Tactical Officer and Security all in one meant he would have to deal with people a lot. It was not what he had signed up for.

"Only on the surface," chuckled Dr. Lockwood. "It's made to look like the Delta Flyer, but everything from propulsion to electronics are off." The crew of the USS Voyager must have made quite an impression on these folks when they passed through. It was concerning, and a perfect testament to why Starfleet should go to great lengths to avoid overly influencing the development of alien cultures.

"Oh good. We need to show you something, this way." She nodded towards the way that Shantic and herself had just come from. Turning, she walked away from the two of them, as they followed. The entrance was not that far away. Making sure that they weren't necessarily being followed was another thing. There were eyes that were following them as they walked by. For some reason why, she wasn't sure, it irked her. There were plenty of exits, even though she had no idea why she was paying attention to cover and exits, but she was.

When they got to the entrance, no one was there as she looked around. "This way." She descended down the stone stairway into the darkness of the catacombs beneath them. Pillars made out of stone lined both sides of the enormous cavern. Motioning towards the far end where there was a small archway, she continued on. The flashing light was becoming brighter and brighter. The nose in her ear was also getting louder and louder. As much as her head ached, the sharp intense pain was no more. Soon, soon they would be to where they had found what they were looking for.

The catacombs were just like they were before, but this time it seemed more eery that she remembered. "Here," she whispered as she knelt down on the ledge overlooking the glowing pit. There was something down below that she wanted to show the scientist to see what his take was on it. The three of them crouched at the ledge to the pit below. She pointed down and showed the stairs on the other side that led down from the ledge that they were on. "See?" she asked Lockwood.

Dr. Lockwood looked at it and for a moment found himself lost for words. He pulled out his tricorder and started scanning. "It appears to be..." None of the readings made much sense. "A processor. A very exotic one. Exotic enough I can't be sure of its purpose." The equipment upstairs was fairly elementary in nature, not unlike the Federation of an era or two past, but this was completely different. "It's nothing like what we saw above." With that revelation, Luke Lockwood began to grow nervous. Why was this concealed down here? And, for that matter, what was it? Something here wasn't right.

"What?!" she whispered harshly. "What do you mean a processor?" She pointed down towards the center where they were looking. "I see a probe, Class 7. Looks about a decade old. Surprisingly in decent condition."

Dr. Lockwood looked at the Lieutenant like she was crazy. It wasn't a Class 7 probe. The tricorder could certainly identify that. "The quantum signature of that device indicates it a universal gate set with integer factorization, polynomial approximation and other operations outside the bounds of the computational models found in Starfleet processors." Lieutenants Blythe and Romaes weren't scientists. They didn't understand the need to be precise. He was darn sure it wasn't a Class 7 probe, but as for what it was, besides a processing unit, he had no idea, so a processor was the best he could offer.

The noise grew in her ear again, and so did the brightness of the flashing red light. Pinching the bridge of her nose between her thumb and forefinger, Kyra closed her eyes. "Lt. Shantic?"

Shantic pulled down the cuffs of his uniform, for some reason it seemed colder down there. It sent a slight shiver down his spine. In addition, something about their Chief Engineer seemed off, slightly erratic. He was not entirely familiar with her complex engineering. Upon their return to the Equinox he would encourage her to visit the doctor, or a fellow engineer, or some combination of them both.

He studied the data has it read in, his conclusions seemed to align with that of his Chief Science Officer; though he could not fully make sense of his readings. “I am not entirely sure what this is. Thought it appears to be the root to whatever charade is happening on the surface. I suggest we rendezvous aboard the Equinox. Now that we know that this is here, maybe you and Lockwood can boost our ship’s sensors to penetrated the surface and study it more thoroughly. At the least we can return with a full security team. The captain may be having more success with unraveling this strange mystery up there.”

A screech echoed through her ears and she stifled a scream as she grabbed her head between her hands and laid her face in the dirt. The smell of old stale dust and grit started to fade away and turn more metallic, albeit still stale. Then the pain ebbed and she opened her eyes opened again....this time it was pitch black dark except when the strobe light illuminated engineering with bright red light. The red alert klaxon was sounding driving the headache further into the the back of her skull. Tapping her badge, it made a dud dying sound. She was in Engineering...but where was the away team?!

Dr. Lockwood was staring right at Kyra, he was sure of it, but now she wasn't there anymore. There was no glisten of a transporter, no pop of an explosion, no nothing at all. In fact, he couldn't even remember quite how she disappeared. She just wasn't there anymore. "Ummm, Lieutenant?" he asked as he staggered back, his tricorder coming about to where he was sure Lieutenant Blythe been a moment early. No lingering traces of biosigns at all, not even the hint of carbon dioxide she would have been breathing out. "Were we not just talking to Lieutenant Blythe?"

Shantic looked up from his tricorder again in the direction of where Kyra had stood. He reached for the Science Officer’s tricorder to see the readings for himself. “Did you see a transporter beam?” He inquired to Lockwood as he began to scan the rock wall beyond them in search for a false wall.

"No, and neither did the tricorder," answered Dr. Lockwood. "Transporters leave a quantum residue. There's none of that." He held the tricorder up so that Lieutenant Romaes could have a look. "Not only that, there're no biomolecular indicators she was ever standing there." What bothered him the most though was that he was staring right at her and, although he could remember talking to her, and he could remember her not being there, he couldn't remember how the world had gone from one state to the other. And neither could the subatomic queues of the universe.

"Well... people just don't go about disappearing," Shantic replied as his scans failed to reveal any meaningful conclusions either. He tapped his COMM badge, "Shantic to the Equinox, is Kyra aboard?"

"Negative, she is not on ship," the Communications Officer replied.

"Scan the ship, be sure," Shantic commanded.

"I am sure sir, the Chief Engineer is not aboard the Equinox. I have scanned the surface around Homestead, she isn't on the surface either," the Communications Officer reported.

Shantic spun around and looked back at his Science Officer, as much as he hated the idea of leaving her behind, he would not risk losing Lockwood as well, "Stay close, we will ascend, get in transport range and return to the ship. I will return with a security team..."


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