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Talk About Rude Awakenings!

Posted on Mon Jul 10th, 2017 @ 1:48am by Lieutenant Kyra Blythe

Mission: CH 3: Visit To A Small Planet
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD: 1, Time 1946

Kyra’s head throbbed as she started looking around. The red strobe lights and sounding klaxons made the shadows in the darkened engineering dance eerily about. The ambient temperature seemed a couple degrees cooler than it normally was and the warp core was dark. Her heart lurched when she saw the rest of her staff either slumped over their consoles or haphazardly fallen across the deck floor.

She quickly got up and went to the nearest limp person as her implants were still calibrating from the hard reboot. There was a pulse. Having checked a couple more, she felt better about the current situation, if only slightly. Her body ached from being hunched over the pool table. She tapped her badge with her right hand as her left one rested on her hip. It made a deadened chirp and nothing engaged. Turning around again, she blinked hard trying to figure out what was going on. Moments ago she was standing down in the Catacombs looking at a glowing probe and next thing she realized she was in a darkened engineering. Her mind went to the memory of the decibel increasing and brightness increasing of red alert and the agony in her head. The headache was still lingering making her thoughts foggy with reasoning of what was going on. Her hand rubbed the back of her neck as she stopped to think about what was going on. If she had been beamed back from the planet due to an emergency, then Shantic and Lockwood would be back too, right? Then why did she ache?

Everything was dead so emergency transporters would have been the only thing to have worked but would it send her to Engineering. The blaring klaxons were really making her headache worse. “Computer, disable the audible red alert.” There was no response. “Computer?!”

Still nothing. “Fine… I'll do this myself then.” She walked towards the entrance to Engineering and the door wouldn't open. Frustration was now taking over her control. A low grr echoed throughout engineering. Her implant was still synchronizing so she was on her own for now.

Turning on her foot, she went to the access hatch and manually opened the Jefferies Tube. The main computer and controls were shielded and that was her best bet to disable the red alert. Because if Engineering was dead, then the Bridge would be dead. It was starting to make sense as she thought about the predicament that she had found herself in. If they had been hit with an EMP… that would explain why her implant was synchronizing and why she had a headache and possibly why she had been unconscious. It did not explain why everyone else was asleep and she was the only one awake. That… that would require someone with more medical knowledge than she had.

There was a weight on the back of her mind as she crawled through the Jefferies tubes. It was like something was trying to quiet her racing mind. Her ear chirped and her ocular and cochlear implants finally synchronized and started feeding her sensory data from what happened before the shutdown and what was happening now. They did get hit with an EMP and that's when the data cut. However, her internal chip did what the Ekahl designed it to do and as memories and triggers were being accessed, bits and pieces were being systematically deleted. Her implants rebooted allowing for her to see the flashing light through her eyelid and why she was hearing dampened klaxons. It was starting to make sense. But who was accessing her memories? Was that Homestead?

By the time she got to the core, her fingers were nice and warm from all the climbing. The ambient temperature was five degrees cooler than it is regulated at by the computer which meant that the backup life support system was working passively in the background. She tried to access the ship’s system via RF but she couldn't gain anything. Her power reserves were low as it stood. The computer core was humming as she walked through the doors. “Computer, are you there?”

Still nothing. She huffed as she went to the access control panel and moved the person away from the console. Whatever knocked out the crew was definitely not EMP based as the core protected against it. The console lit up under her fingers and she was finally able to silence the alarm. The tugging was still present on the back of her mind as she could feel it more now that the klaxons were terminated. The computer vocal bank was offline as the computer started sacrificing extraneous subroutines and protocols as it attempted to reboot the ship’s systems. However there was a tether somewhere that was actively draining the ship’s remaining power. Kyra quickly aided the computer in its fight against the attack. She wasn't going to be able to stop it until she could wake up someone to help her out. Internal sensors were only able to pick up life support of the badged crew members. So, whoever was accessing their systems wasn't going to be showing.

Well... “Ingenuity at best?” she asked herself more than anyone in particular. Who she needed was the doctor. Maybe by the time she got to Sickbay, she would have an idea of what she was going to do. Grabbing a PADD and tricorder that worked, she walked out of the Computer core towards the Jefferies tubes again to make her way to Sickbay.


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